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Base image for all Joomla 3 sites
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Nginx + PHP7-FPM + Exim

Highly configurable nginx-PHP webserver stack built on funkygibbon/nginx-pagespeed, which is in turn built on a lightly modified Phusion Ubuntu base image

Docker Hub: funkygibbon/nginx-php-exim

docker run -p "80:80" -p "443:443" -e "" -v /some/dir/www:/app/www funkygibbon/nginx-php-exim

Without SSL (faster boot)
docker run -p "80:80" -e "" -e "SSL_ENABLED=false" -v /some/dir/www:/app/www funkygibbon/nginx-php-exim

Build the proxy


docker build -t fuww/nginx-pagespeed-php7-exim:latest . && \
docker run -p "80:80" -e "SSL_ENABLED=false" -e "NR_INSTALL_KEY=8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0" -e "NR_APP_NAME=MyApp" fuww/nginx-pagespeed-php7-exim

docker-compose up

docker tag -f fuww/nginx-pagespeed-php7-exim:latest fuww/nginx-pagespeed-php7-exim:latest && \
docker push fuww/nginx-pagespeed-php7-exim:latest

Environment variables

Configurable via a plethora of environment variables, which are applied on service start

var default description
APP_ENV production production, development :: 'development' enables
ADMIN_EMAIL Server administrator email, used for intercepted email in development mode
CHOWN_APP_DIR true if true, chown -R $APP_USER:$APP_GROUP /app/www
APP_HOSTNAME hostname -f hostname of application
VIRTUAL_HOST virtualhosts which this service should respond to, separated by commmas. Useful for operating behind jwilder/nginx-proxy.
TIMEZONE Australia/Sydney Server timezone
APP_USER app nginx and php5-fpm user
APP_GROUP app nginx and php5-fpm group
APP_UID 1000 user_id - useful when mounting volumes from host > guest to either share or delineate file access permission
APP_GID 1000 group_id
UPLOAD_MAX_SIZE 30M Maximum upload size, applied to nginx and php5-fpm
NGINX_MAX_WORKER_PROCESSES 8 nginx worker_processes is determined from number of processor cores on service start, up to the maximum permitted by NGINX_MAX_WORKER_PROCESSES
PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT 128M Maximum memory PHP can use per worker
PHP_PROCESS_MANAGER dynamic dynamic, static, ondemand :: PHP process manager scheme
PHP_MAX_CHILDREN 6 process manager maximum spawned children
PHP_START_SERVERS 3 if PHP_PROCESS_MANAGER is dynamic, this is the number of children spawned on boot
PHP_MIN_SPARE_SERVERS 2 if PHP_PROCESS_MANAGER is dynamic, this is the minimum number of idle children
PHP_MAX_SPARE_SERVERS 3 if PHP_PROCESS_MANAGER is dynamic, this is the maximum number of idle children
PHP_MAX_REQUESTS 500 Maximum number of requests each child process can process before terminating, which should mitigate any memory leaks. Set to 0 to disable.
PHP_DISABLE_FUNCTIONS false Comma separated list of additional functions to disable for security. These are appended to the default Ubuntu distribution disable_functions line
PHP_XDEBUG_REMOTE_HOST If $APP_ENV is development, XDebug is enabled and configured to communicate to this remote host
PHP_XDEBUG_IDE_KEY default_ide_key XDebug IDE Key
EXIM_DELIVERY_MODE local smarthost, local :: set to smarthost to enable third party SMTP
EXIM_MAIL_FROM domain from which exim4 mail appears to originate
EXIM_SMARTHOST smarthost relay SMTP server address and port (note the double colon (::) before port number)
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