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Auth service


Service's role is to authenticate user and provide information about the user (email, name, avatar).

How it works

Service uses providers like Google, Facebook, Twitter to authenticate user.

Once authenticated user object, returned by provider, is stored in permanent storage. User is then recognised based on web cookie.


URI Method Name
/who/ GET Current user
/providers/ GET Auth providers
/login/{provider}/ GET Login with provider
/logout/ GET Logout

Current user

URI: /who/

Method: GET

Returns: Current user object or 401 Unauthorized when user is not logged in

GET /who/

    "name": "John Doe",
    "email": "",
    "admin": "true",
    "avatar": ""

Auth providers

URI: /providers/

Method: GET

Returns: Map of allowed providers and URI to use to login in with them

GET /providers/

    "gplus": "/login/gplus/",
    "facebook": "/login/facebook/"

Login with provider

URI: /login/{provider}/

Method: GET

Returns: Redirection to provider's authentication page


URI: /logout/

Method: GET

Returns: Log user out of the system

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