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Assuming you have Go installed and set up

# Install mongodb
# Clone hashtock-go
git clone $GOPATH/src/ hashtock/hashtock-go

# Install requirements
go get


cd $GOPATH/src/
godep go build

Run tests

cd $GOPATH/src/



  • Buy hash tag
  • Sell hash tag
  • Current bank value of a given hash tag, and how much does it have for sell
  • Currnet bank value of all hash tags it knows about, and how much does it have for sell
  • History of bank operations

Market (ToDo):

  • Accepts buy offers for a given hashtag+price+amount
  • Accepts sell offers for a given hashtag+price+amount
  • Allows to view any request by ID - owner only
  • Allows to cancel any request if not fulfilled
  • History of market operations


  • Account balance
  • Current portfolio of hash tags


URI prefix: /api/

URI Method Description
/portfolio GET List of owned tags
/portfolio/{hash} GET Detailt about owned tag
/balance GET User's cache balance
/bank/ GET List of all tags with bank values
/bank/{hash}/ GET Details about the hash tag
/order/ GET List of current orders
/order/ POST Add new order
/order/{uuid}/ GET Order details
/order/{uuid}/ DELETE Cancel the order
/order/history/ GET List of all orders
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