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Extension of fxmartin/docker-sshd-nginx with Oracle JDK8
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Dockerfile project for building a container with oracle jdk 8 instead of Open jdk. This image is based on fxmartin/docker-sshd-nginx.


This repository contains all needed resources to build a docker image with following features:

  • Oracle JDK 8
  • nginx running and serving simple static page (inherited from base image);
  • sshd with passwordless login (inherited from base image);
  • services configured and running via supervisord (inherited from base image).

For convenience there is a ./ command for building, starting (with proper port mappings), stopping and connecting via ssh.


You can download this image from public Docker Registry.
A bash script is provided:, which allows to manage the container, considering that it won't stop by itself due to supervisor daemon:

  • start: to start the container
  • stop: to stop the container
  • build: build the docker image
  • ssh: ssh to the container
  • web: launch chrome on port 80 from nginx, with the IP automatically retrieved from the script
  • version: display java version

Run using command:

docker run -d -p 55522:22 -p 55580:80 fxmartin/docker-oracle-jdk8
or start

Connect via ssh: ssh


Image 1 - nginx welcome page


Just don't forget to add private key (yeah, I know) from ssh_keys folder to you '~/.ssh/' and add it via

ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/id_rsa_docker
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