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Docker base image for G5 Ruby applications.
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Ruby Base Image

The g5search/ruby-base Docker image descends from the official Ruby image. The parent image uses debian, and we install a number of universal (or nearly so) libraries that child images probably need.


We maintain images for a couple of Ruby versions. Versions are delineated via tags:

  • 2.3-vX.X.X Ruby 2.3 image series. Built from the ruby23.dockerfile, releases triggered when a git tag is created with the 2.3-vX.X.X naming convention. Ruby 2.3 will be updated for security until March 2019. This was chosen as our "legacy" Ruby version to support because it is relatively easy to upgrade to from 2.0 - 2.2. Ruby 2.4 introduces number changes that often require significant gem updates, which is often a hassle for older applications.
  • 2.5-vX.X.X Ruby 2.5 image series. Built from the ruby25.dockerfile, releases triggered when a git tag is created with the 2.5-vX.X.X naming convention. As of this writing, this is the current version of Ruby. If Ruby 2.6 does not introduce any troublesome changes, this version will likely be sunset in favor of a 2.6 image.


The Docker Hub builds images via automated builds, and respects Semantic Version (with our Ruby version prefix). As an example, you can create a 2.5-v2.0.0-beta.1 image if you want to create a beta base image to test upcoming changes.

Create a GitHub release with information about any changes you've made. The semver of the different tags are independent of each other and unrelated. If we have 2.5-v1.20.0 when Ruby 2.6 comes out, the first version of that new image should be 2.6-v1.0.0. There is significant duplication between the Dockerfiles, so ensure you've considered all maintained versions when you make updates to any of the Dockerfiles.

Gemfury Token

If your child image needs to install gems from Gemfury, you should provide it as a build argument. Unfortunately, these are not inherited from parent images and so cannot be specified there. Here's how to do it:

Do like so in the Dockerfile:

ARG gemfury_token
RUN FURY_AUTH=$gemfury_token bundle install

and pass it to the build command via:

docker build --build-arg gemfury_token="yourtoken" .
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