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Docker base image for G5 Ruby applications.
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Ruby Base Image

The g5search/ruby-base Docker image descends from the official Ruby image. The parent image uses debian, and we install a number of universal (or nearly so) libraries that child images probably need.


This image uses Docker Hub automated builds and is integrated with GitHub. Create a release in GitHub using a semantic versioning tag like v1.2.3 and Docker will build the image for you, tagging it identically in Docker as it was tagged in git. It will respect pre-release tags like v1.2.3-beta.1 if you are wary of releasing your image into the wild.

Gemfury Token

If your child image needs to install gems from Gemfury, you should provide it as a build argument. Unfortunately, these are not inherited from parent images and so cannot be specified there. Here's how to do it:

Do like so in the Dockerfile:

ARG gemfury_token
RUN FURY_AUTH=$gemfury_token bundle install

and pass it to the build command via:

docker build --build-arg gemfury_token="yourtoken" .
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