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Craft CMS
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docker-craft - Craft CMS for Docker

Craft is a content management system (CMS) that’s laser-focused on doing one thing really, really well: managing content.
This is a docker image that eases setup.

About Craft

From the official description:

Craft is content management at its finest. It delivers an extraordinary amount of control to developers, while keeping the editing experience simple and elegant for end users.


Using this image for the first time will start a download automatically.
Further runs will be immediate, as the image will be cached locally.

This image provides the Craft CMS application running on Apache / MySQL / PHP / Supervisor.

$ docker run -d -p 80:80 --name craft gabrielmoreira/craft

You can now point your webbrowser to this URL:


This is a rather common setup following docker's conventions:

  • -d will run a detached session running in the background
  • -p {OutsidePort}:80 will bind the webserver to the given outside port
  • --name (Optional) the name of container instance
  • gabrielmoreira/craft the name of this docker image


$ docker build -t gabrielmoreira/craft

Known issues

Page not found on / after installation

It's a know bug: (

$ docker exec craft sed -i 's/entry.heading/entry.title/g' /var/www/craft/templates/index.html
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