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Network Penetration From Browser
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Always there is a discussion about open ports, firewall issues from specific host.

It's always a ping pong between firewall folks and application owner.

Can we avoid that endless discussion of “We still cannot reach port” and speed it the process up?. What if IT folks could make modifications and verify if ports are opened from our machines themselves. Still I don't want them to ssh to my boxes.

Quick hack (#1)? I have picked wetty which basically lets you to use your browser to access shell terminal. The best part is it runs in isolated container. The only thing I have to do was to extended the Dockerfile and add few network penetration tools, like nmap.. Image is super fast to deploy across the machines, and you may start it with:

docker run --name term -p 8000:3000 -dt gad0lin/wetty-network-penetration

Everyone can now check if ports are opened from application node by just using browser.

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