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Darwin Streaming Server 6.0.3 64bit running on Ubuntu Precise
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The Darwin Streaming Server project was last updated by Apple in about 2008, I still think it's a good server for mp3 audio streaming but it refuses to run on Ubuntu above 12.x. This is the 64bit 6.0.3 version running on Precise. You can run the image and access admin via http://container:1220, the default admin login is admin / password.

You should expose the following ports :

        - 1220:1220 (admin)
        - 554:554 (RTSP VIDEO)
        - 7070:7070 (RTSP VIDEO)
        - 8000:8000 (MP3 Streaming)
        - 8001:8001 (MP3 Streaming)

To test rtsp video streaming load rtsp://container/sample_h264_300kbit.mp4 into a suitable media player, i.e. VLC.

If you run nginx as a reverse proxy front end to the container you can access audio streams over http/https with http://container/audio/playlistname where /audio/ in nginx points to your DSS server at port 8000 and playlist is the name of the media playlist created in DSS.

To preserve data map these directories to local volumes

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