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Visualizer REST Api.
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Visualizer REST Api.

[Dockerfile] (

Creating and starting the service container:

docker run -d --name visualizer1 --link mongo1:mongo galassia/visualizer:2.0

If you are going to query the service, you will need the IP address of the visualizer. Get it using:

docker inspect –-format ‘{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}’ visualizer1

Having the IP address, you can check if it works by executing:

wget -qO- http://<ipaddress>:8080/visualizer/version

Querying the sequences storage:

wget -qO- “http://<ipaddress>:8080/visualizer/data?from=1406810583123&to=1406810583789”

An additional &sensor_id=1 parameter can be optionally used.

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