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Simple to use Docker image for
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Simple to use Docker image for

Running the image

If you want to add a variable as a setting you have to prefix it with HC_.
By default Healthchecks uses a SQLite database, located at /healthchecks/hc.sqlite.

docker run \
    -d \
    --name=healthchecks \
    -p 80:8000 \
    -e 'HC_HOST=' \
    -e '' \
    -e 'HC_SITE_ROOT=' \
    -e '' \
    -e 'HC_EMAIL_PORT=25' \
    -e 'HC_EMAIL_USE_TLS=True' \
    -e '' \

Database configuration

When you don't want to use SQLite.
The following environment variables can be used to configure the database connection:

DB_TYPE # Can be postgresql, mysql (defaults to sqlite3)
DB_HOST # the database host address
DB_PORT # the database host port
DB_NAME # the database name
DB_USER # the database user
DB_PASSWORD # the database user password

Create Healthchecks superuser

You need the container name or id of the healthchecks instance. You can get it by running docker ps and searching for the container running healthchecks.

docker exec -it CONTAINER_NAME

Follow the assistant that will show up to create a healthchecks superuser.

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