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The JTS3ServerMod as a Docker Container Image.
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Image available from:

JTS3ServerMod by Stefan1200 (see here)


  • Image based on java:8-jre with the latest version of JTS3ServerMod
  • You can inject your config into the container by using the directory (on first start the default configs will be copied to the directory):
    • /jts3servermod/config


Updating the image

Run the below command, to update the image to the latest version: Docker Image:

docker pull

Or for the Docker Hub image:

docker pull galexrt/jts3servermod:latest


The default UID of the user which is used in the container is 3000.
So if you mount a directory from your host you have to set the permission to the user with the UID of 3000.

useradd -u 3000 sinusbot
mkdir -p /opt/docker/jts3servermod/config
chown -R sinusbot:sinusbot /opt/docker/jts3servermod/config

Or if you dont want to create an user just use

mkdir -p /opt/docker/jts3servermod/config
chown -R 3000:3000 /opt/docker/sinusbot

Or just use the built-in variables to the run command to change the user and/or group id to an existing or non existing user:
The variables need to be an user/group id (not the username):


Mount host directory

docker run \
    --name sinusbot \
    -d \
    -v /opt/docker/jts3servermod:/jts3servermod/config \
    -p 8087:8087 \


If your host uses SELinux it may be necessary to use the :z option:

docker run \
    --name sinusbot \
    -d \
    -v /opt/docker/jts3servermod/config:/jts3servermod/config:z \
    -p 8087:8087 \
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