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Short Description
Simple API interface to Market Bot (a Google Play store scraper)
Full Description

Market Bot API

Market Bot API is a google store scraper (market_bot) exposed as a JSON API.


Install dependancies

bundle install

Run the development server




GET /app/:id

  • :id - The android namespace for the application
GET /app/
  "success": true,
  "app": {
    "developer":"Snapchat, Inc.",
    "installs":"100,000,000 - 500,000,000",
    "updated":"November 17, 2014",
    "content_rating":"Medium Maturity",


GET /developer/:id

  • :id - The android developer name (capitalization and entities matter)
GET /developer/Color+Tiger
  "success": true,
    "apps": [
        "title":"Smart Thermometer",
        "developer":"Color Tiger",
        "title":"Smart IR Remote - AnyMote",
        "developer":"Color Tiger",
        "title":"AnyMote - Smart TV Remote",
        "developer":"Color Tiger",
        "title":"Smart IR Remote for HTC One",
        "developer":"Color Tiger",


Supported by market_bot, but not currently implemented in this API.


Supported by market_bot, but not currently implemented in this API.


This repository comes with a valid Dockerfile for building this service as a docker container.

Build Container

docker build -t market_bot_api .

Docker Cluster

Once you have built the market_bot_api container you can experiment with docker clustering using the fig definition located in cluster-demo. The cluster is built on consul, registrator, and consul-templates.

  • Consul - A service discovery and configuration management service.
  • Registrator - register containers with exposed ports to consul.
  • Consul-Templates - Define dynamic configuration files and responses to changes in consul.

Start cluster

fig up -d

  • Consul - http://localhost:8500
  • Balancer - http://localhost:8080
  • MarketBot - http://localhost:8080/hostname

NOTE: Consul may take a few minutes to start up. When you can see the services listed on the main page it's ready.

Scale Up

fig scale marketbot=4

Scale Down

fig scale marketbot=1

Docker Pull Command
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