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Exim4 Docker Container
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Exim4 Docker Container

A Exim 4 satellite installation.

This is based upon tianon/exim4 docker container - primarily to provide a simple way to configure a Gmail based installation. It performs configuration at startup and uses supervisor to run exim4 and should shutdown correctly.

How to Use


To run use the environment variables to configure the Gmail account:

docker run -d --name exim4 -e -e GMAIL_PASSWORD=yourpasswordhere gameldar/exim4

Overriding the relay networks

By default all the inet interfaces are queried for their networking information to determine the relay networks, however this can be overwritten
by specifying the RELAY_NETS environment variable when starting:

docker run -d --naem exim4 -e -e GMAIL_PASSWORD=yourpasswordhere -e RELAY_NETS= gameldar/exim4

Linking to another container

This can then be linked to another contain to be used as the SMTP host, e.g. for use with gameldar/bugzilla container you'd use:

docker run -d --name bugzilla --link exim4:mail -p 8080:80 gameldar/bugzilla

Then the exim4 relay via Gmail could then be used by setting the mail configure to use SMTP with a smtp host of 'mail'

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