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Image to build a minimal environment for the TS7500
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Technologic Systems TS7500 Buildroot Container

This container/toolkit has no affiliation with Technologic Systems other than some source files.

This container has a pre-built toolchain for the FA526 compatible CPU found in the TS7500.

It will only prepare the software up to the final "make" statement. You can (and should) extend this
image by using it in you own Dockerfile.

It is highly recommended to use the ts7500_{musl,uclibc}_defconfig file from this repository as a configuration
skeleton. Extending on this with everyting you need.

This container will produce a kernel and rootfs with EABI.

The fold /images is an exported VOLUME and will contain the final images after compilation. It is wize
to mount this folder for easy access.

You can run/enter with the command:

$ # With ucLibc
$ docker exec -it --rm -v /tmp/images:/images ganehag/br-ts7500:2017.02-uclibc
$ # With MUSL
$ docker exec -it --rm ganehag/br-ts7500:2017.02-musl

Once inside the container you can simply run make and you will, after a couple of minutes, have a rootfs and zImage
in the /images folder. These can be written to an uSDCard with dd.

The uSDCard needs to contain a specific MBR and at least two partitions. Both of the type 0xDA.

This repository contains a file called mbr.dd. This file can be written to a blank (or not) uSDCard using dd.

$ # Write image to uSD
$ dd if=mbr.dd of=/dev/sdX

You will need to cycle the device for the kernel to re-read the partition table. Once this is done there should be two partitions on
the uSDCard. Part1 is for the zImage file and part2 is for the rootfs.ext2.gz file.

$ # Write image to uSD
$ dd if=zImage of=/dev/sdX1
$ dd if=rootfs.ext2.gz of=/dev/sdX2

Keep in mind that the rootfs.ext2.gz file CAN not be larger than 4MB and that it is an initramfs.

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