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A JSON Event Filtering Engine
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Event Filtering Engine

Ubuntu Dockerfile for Event Filtering Engine.

To check if Docker is correctly installed and running:

# docker version

To build:

# docker build -rm -t <USERNAME>/eventfilter .

To run:

# docker run --name mongohost -i -t mongo --replSet rs0 --smallfiles
# docker run --name eventfilter -p 6666:6666 -p 6667:6667 --link mongohost:mongohost -i -t <USERNAME>/eventfilter

port 6666 - Socket port, where events in the form of JSON can be sent
port 6667 - Exposed REST interface to send in JSON events

Sending a sample event from the host machine:

curl -XPUT "http://localhost:6666" -d ' { "specificProblems" : "ran_test_idu", "uniqueReference" : "1" }  '

To use Elasticsearch and Kibana for data searching and visualisation:

# docker run -it --name elastic --link mongohost:mongohost ganeshravi/elasticmongo
# docker run -it --name kibana -p 8080:8080 -e ES_HOST=$(docker inspect --format {{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}} elastic) ganeshravi/kibana
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