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Docker image for Gollum Wiki
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Link to Dockerfile

Running the container

docker run —-name gollum \
           -v /path/to/gollum/files:/wiki \
           -v /path/to/config.rb:/config.rb \
           -p 4567:4567 \
           -d <image_name>

Note: /path/to/gollum/files must be a git directory. Use absolute path.

Example config.rb file

Gollum::Page.send :remove_const, :FORMAT_NAMES if defined? Gollum::Page::FORMAT_NAMES

wiki_options = {
  :live_preview => false,
  :allow_uploads => true,
  :per_page_uploads => true,
  :allow_editing => true,
  :css => true,
  :js => false,
  :mathjax => true,
  :h1_title => true

Precious::App.set(:wiki_options, wiki_options)

This wiki option sets css to true, so if you custom.css in your wiki git repo it will be applied.

You can integrate omniauth using this config.rb. Tutorial can be found here.

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