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User avatars.


The avatar module will:

  • Associate users with a avatar picture.
  • Create thumbnails of different sizes.
  • Store pictures and thumbnails as CouchDB attachment.
  • Use the redis_auth database to check requester identity.


  • REDIS_AUTH_PORT_6379_TCP_ADDR - IP of the AuthDB redis
  • REDIS_AUTH_PORT_6379_TCP_PORT - Port of the AuthDB redis
  • COUCH_AVATARS_PORT_5984_TCP_ADDR - IP of the Avatars couchdb
  • COUCH_AVATARS_PORT_5984_TCP_PORT - Port of the Avatars couchdb
  • COUCH_AVATARS_DB_NAME - Name of the avatars database
  • Optional link to users service
    • USERS_PORT_8080_TCP_ADDR — address
    • If any of these options are missing, no ban check will be performed — every user account will be considered to be in good standing (no bans)


About [/avatars/v1/about]

Read the about [GET]

response [200] OK

  "type": "avatars/v1",
  "version": "1.0.0"

User's avatar pictures [/avatars/v1/auth/:token/pictures]

+ Parameters
    + token (string) ... User authentication token

Set avatar picture [POST]


  • crop the image to be a square
  • create resized versions 256x256, 128x128 and 64x64
    • should keep transparency
  • store PNG images in DB (overriding any previously stored images)
    • (suggestion) CouchDB attachments

body [image/png]

response [200] OK

Thumbnails [/avatars/v1/:username/:size]

If linked to users service, will perform ban check. Banned :usernames will return 404 no matter avatar's existence.

+ Parameters
    + username (string) ... User to retrieve the avatar image of
    + size (name) ... Image size (64.png, 128.png, or 256.png)

Get [GET]

response [200] OK

Content-type: image/png

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