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Ganomede automated rewards worker
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Ganomede Rewards

Reward our beloved players.


  • API_SECRET — secret to compare to for internal access level

  • APP_1_NAME — Name of first app to monitor

  • APP_2_NAME — Name of second app to monitor

  • Reward Information (reward is sent to App 1)

    • REWARD_APP_1_USER_LOGIN_APP_2_ID — a string to be saved as data.rewardId in reward info
    • REWARD_APP_1_USER_LOGIN_APP_2_AMOUNT — an integer specifying amount to reward
    • REWARD_APP_1_USER_LOGIN_APP_2_CURRENCY — a string specifying currency to award
  • ganomede-events instance

    • EVENTS_PORT_8000_TCP_[ADDR|PORT|PROTOCOL] — IP|Port|Protocol to the events service
    • EVENTS_CLIENT_ID — non-empty string to identify this worker
    • EVENTS_CHANNEL — non-empty string, defaults to "users/v1", channel to listen for -vents on
    • EVENTS_PREFIX — api prefix, defaults to "/events/v1"
  • virtual currency of App 1

    • APP_1_VIRTUALCURRENCY_PORT_8000_TCP_[ADDR|PORT|PROTOCOL] — IP|port|protocol of the virtualcurrency service for app 1
    • APP_1_VIRTUALCURRENCY_PREFIX — api prefix, defaults to "/virtualcurrency/v1"
  • usermeta of App 1

    • APP_1_USERMETA_PORT_8000_TCP_[ADDR|PORT|PROTOCOL] — IP|Port|Protocol to the usermeta service
    • APP_1_USERMETA_PREFIX — api prefix, defaults to "/usermeta/v1"
  • StatsD for tracking stats (if host or port are missing, no stats will be sent)

    • STATSD_PREFIX defaults to "mailchimp.registrations."

    This will track 4 integers:

    • events total number of received events
    • failure number of errors
    • success number of successes
    • ignored number of ignored events
  • HTTP status server

    • HOST non-empty string, defaults to ""
    • PORT non-empty string, defaults to 8000


This module handles a single type of reward. More might come.

<img width="460" src="./rewards.links.png" />

Reward 1 / 1


  • In order to be incentivized to play Game-2
  • as a Game-1 user
  • I want to receive Game-1' gold coins when I login for the first time in Game-2

Business logic

Apps emit events to the same ganomede-events instance, with from set to their respective app names (see APP_x_NAME).

  • This worker will listen for LOGIN events on the users channel (as specified here:
  • It'll check if it's from APP_2_NAME.
  • If it is, it loads from APP_2_USERMETA the "$reward$" + REWARD_APP_1_USER_LOGIN_APP_2_ID internal key.
    • If it's truish, do nothing else with this event.
  • Then load app-1's "auth" usermeta key.
    • If it is falsy, do nothing else with this event.
  • Then save current date in app-2's usermeta "$reward$" + REWARD_APP_1_USER_LOGIN_APP_2_ID internal key.
  • Then POST a reward to APP_2_VIRTUALCURRENCY using the internal reward call with
    • "from": "rewards/v1"
    • "data": { rewardId: REWARD_APP_1_USER_LOGIN_APP_2_ID }

Rest API

For monitoring, include /about and /ping calls on port 8000.

Just start from JS boilerplate.

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