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Symfony2 basic container with apache2
Full Description

Working symfony2 container with apache2 and php5.


  • docker installed
  • Logged into your docker hub

#Instruction to log into your docker hub
docker hello

Answer to the questions (write your username/password/email)

You should be successfully connected

#Instruction to install this repository

 docker pull ganon/symfony2-basic
 docker run -d -p 9080:80 ganon/symfony2-basic usr/sbin/apache2ctl -D FOREGROUND

It will start the container and bind your localhost:9080 to yourcontainer:80

#If you want to modify the container

docker run -i -t ganon/symfony2-basic /bin/bash

#Commit changes

docker ps -q -n 1

This command get the container id of your last modification
docker commit -a "yourname" -m "yourcomment" [containerid from last command] [yourproject like ganon/symfony2-basic]

#You can tag your project to (if you want to change the project name or to push the changes to your repository)

 docker images

This command list all docker images in your system so you can get the image id of the container you want to tag/push

docker tag -f  [image id] [yourproject]

#Then push your project to your repository

docker push [yourproject]

If you want to put your own files just out your projet into /var/www or feel free to change the vhost/.htaccess

Docker Pull Command