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lein cache resource for concourse
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Leiningen Cache Resource

A resource for caching Leiningen dependencies.

The approach and code is based on gradle-cache-resource.

Source Configuration

The resource uses the git-resource internally, so any of
the git-resource parameters can be used. It is advisable to use the paths parameter to only listen
to changes of the project.clj of the Leiningen project.


check: Check for git repo changes

Simply forwards the control to the check script of the git-resource to check for any changes in
the source repository.

It is advisable to track changes to the project.clj only, since that describes the project dependencies.

in: Cache dependencies

The source repository is first cloned using the git-resource and then dependencies are cached
with lein deps.

If you have multiple build profiles, you can use a (Composite Profile)[] to include all their deps. The composite profile should be called :all-deps.

out: Not used

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