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Short Description
Prometheus metrics sidecar container for ebs volume metrics.
Full Description


A small utility to report disk utilization to Prometheus.

What does it solve

Kubernetes prometheus monitoring won't monitor EBS volumes. Run this as a sidecar container to do just that.

 - name: ebs-metrics-sidecar
        image: gardnervickers/prometheus-ebs-metrics:latest
        imagePullPolicy: Always
        - name: ebsmetrics
          containerPort: 4567
        args: ["-p", "4567", "-v", "datadir:/datadir"]
        - name: datadir
          mountPath: /datadir
          readOnly: true

How to run

As args to the container

  • -p: Port to serve metrics on.
  • -v: Volume name (as reported to Prometheus) and volume path, seperated by a colon :.
    You can supply any number of -v args to monitor multiple volumes.
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