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Simple Docker image for running containers directly from Git repos
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Rather than building a new docker image and redeploying every time you make a code change, Wharfie fetches the latest code from Git on start, loads it into your container at /opt and executes a given filename to bootstrap the container. In other words: 1) git commit, 2) git push, 3) docker restart.

Basic Usage

The Wharfie container is built on Alpine Linux and it's entrypoint expects two arguments

  1. The git repository from which you want to pull code (https and git@ protocols supported)
  2. The name of the executable within the repo to invoke after cloning


docker run -d garrettheaver/wharfie<user>/<repo>.git

The executable file you specify ( above) is responsible for installing any additional packages required by the container (via apk add ...) and then starting your application.

Private Repositories

If you want to pull from a private GitHub repository (git@) then you'll want to mount a docker volume (a single file) containing the appropriate SSH key. This should be mounted at /etc/ssh/github.key


docker run -d -v ~/.ssh/github.key:/etc/ssh/github.key:ro garrettheaver/wharfie <repo> <script>

ARM Variant

Wharfie also has a build for armhf devices such as RPi and ODroid. The only difference between the armhf and x86/64 variant is the base image used which in the case of armhf is container4armhf/armhf-alpine. An armhf container can be started by simply using the image garrettheaver/armhf-wharfie.


docker run -d garrettheaver/armhf-wharfie<user>/<repo>.git
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