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SIP Load Balancing cluster base on kamailio.
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A Kamailio build that's tailored for using with a high-availability Asterisk setup. See more details about the setup on github

Primarily, it uses the Kamailio dispatcher functionality to load-balance asterisk services. It also gets spiced up with kamailio-etcd-dispatcher so that it can discover Asterisk boxen as they come online.


Based on some of these resources:

Some environment variables

Sometimes you'll wanna tweak the memory, so refer to the troubleshooting kamailio memory tutorial.

For example if you'd usually run kamailio like so:

kamailio -M 12 -m 128 ...

With -M we set pkg memory, and with -m we set shr memory.

We provide a couple of these

  • KAMAILIO_SHR will set the shr memory in megs (here defaults to 64 meg)
  • KAMAILIO_PKG will set the pkg memory in megs (here defaults to 24 meg)

So for example, you can set these when you use docker run a la:

[user@host kamailio]# docker run -dt -e "KAMAILIO_SHR=512" -e "KAMAILIO_PKG=96" dougbtv/kamailio 

And you can check these out at run time with:

[user@host kamailio]# docker exec -it dreamy_fermat /bin/bash
[root@3ec34189db39 /]# kamctl stats shmem
shmem:fragments = 9
shmem:free_size = 534203992
shmem:max_used_size = 2673312
shmem:real_used_size = 2666920
shmem:total_size = 536870912
shmem:used_size = 2442528
[root@3ec34189db39 /]# ps ax
   28 ?        S+     0:00 kamailio -M 96 -m 512 -DD -E -e
   29 ?        S+     0:00 kamailio -M 96 -m 512 -DD -E -e
   30 ?        S+     0:00 kamailio -M 96 -m 512 -DD -E -e
[root@3ec34189db39 /]# kamcmd pkg.stats
    entry: 0
    pid: 26
    rank: 0
    used: 182960
    free: 100182600
    real_used: 480696

Usage tips

The location of, and reloading and listing the kamailio dispatcher.list

[user@host log]$ nano /etc/kamailio/dispatcher.list 
[user@host log]$ kamcmd dispatcher.list
[user@host log]$ kamcmd dispatcher.reload
[user@host log]$ kamcmd dispatcher.list
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