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Custom fluent/fluentd Docker Image with additional plugins.
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Custom Fluentd Docker Image

Custom build of fluent/fluentd for article and demo on Docker logging to ELK on AWS.

Used to build a custom Fluentd image with additional Fluentd plugins, including the Elasticsearch fluent-plugin-elasticsearch plugin. Follows instructions provided with the fluent/fluentd image on Docker Hub.

Build New Image

mkdir custom-fluentd
cd custom-fluentd
curl > fluent.conf
curl > Dockerfile
mkdir plugins

Modify the Dockerfile and fluent.conf as required.

Fluentd Configuration


# fluentd config for logging demo

  @type forward
  port 24224

<filter **>
  @type concat
  key log
  stream_identity_key container_id
  multiline_start_regexp /^\S+/
  multiline_end_regexp /\s+.*more$/
  flush_interval 120s
  timeout_label @processdata

<label @ERROR>
  <match **>
    @type stdout

<label @processdata>
  <match **>
    @type stdout

<match **>
  @type elasticsearch
  logstash_format true
  host elk
  port 9200
  index_name fluentd
  type_name fluentd
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