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Solr runtime environment for AEM Solr Search.
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What is AEM Solr Search?

AEM Solr Search is an open source reference integration between Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Apache Solr. It allows AEM content authors and developers to build rapid front-end search interfaces easily.

Please note: The Docker images only provide an example Solr runtime environment that include the sample Solr home project for AEM Solr Search. It does not include Adobe Experience Manager as AEM is a commercially licensed product by Adobe.

How to use this image?

Solr 4.10.1 in Standalone Mode

  1. Pull down the Docker Image.

    $ docker pull gastongonzalez/aemsolrsearch:solr-4.10.4-standalone
  2. Run the container.

    $ docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8080 gastongonzalez/aemsolrsearch:solr-4.10.4-standalone
  3. Open a browser and visit http://host-ip:8888/solr.

  4. Update your AEM Solr Search - Solr Configuration Service in the Felix Console and set the to host-ip and solr.server.port to 8888.

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