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An example docker daemon
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To run and use/test the image straight from DockerHub

To run the image from Dockerhub:

sudo docker run -d --name hello-daemon -p 8888:8888 gavinromigkochatredhatdotcom/hello-daemon

To test/use the running image:

curl localhost:8888

Or more generally:

sudo docker run -d --name $CONTAINER_NAME -p $HOST_PORT:8888 gavinromigkochatredhatdotcom/hello-daemon
curl localhost:$HOST_PORT

$CONTAINER_NAME should be replaced by some unique name
$HOST_PORT can be replace by any host port that isn't already being used


Note that docker only pulls an image from the repo if there is no image on your host. So after the
first time, if you want the latest version, you must pull it explicitly.

sudo docker pull gavinromigkochatredhatdotcom/hello-daemon

To build and test a development version of the image from GitHub

Within a cloned version of Git Repo:

To build a development image:

make build 

To run the development image just built:

make run

To see the running development image do something:

make test

To stop the running development image, delete the running development image, and delete the built development image:

make clean
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