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A lightweight container for running Symfony 3 apps
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Symfony 2 PHP-FPM Nginx

Nginx and PHP-FPM running together in a docker container.
This image is based on alpine:3.3 with S6
and optimized for Symfony 3.


Mounting your project file for development purpose

To be used in your Symfony 3 folder:
docker run -d --name my-app -p 1337:80 -e SYMFONY_ENV=dev -v $(pwd):/var/www gcanal/alpine-php-nginx .

Use bash inside your container

docker exec -ti -u nginx:www-data -w /var/www my-app bash

Build your own

docker build -t username/alpine-php-nginx .


To build a PHP extension from source, just append a pecl_install function in rootfs/sbin/build-php-extensions.
It take 4 arguments:


  • $EXT_TYPE: either extension or zend_extension
  • $NAME: The name of your extension
  • $VERSION: The version you wish to build
  • $CONFIGURE_ARGS: configuration options passed to the ./configure script (ex: --enable-memcache)


...your ./web/app.php file to switch between Symfony environments using (drum roll) an environment variable.

For example:

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;

/** @var Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader $loader */
$loader = require dirname(__DIR__) . '/app/autoload.php';

$env = getenv('SYMFONY_ENV') ?: 'prod';
$debug = false;

if (in_array($env, ['dev', 'test'])) {
    $debug = true;
} else {
    include_once  dirname(__DIR__).'/var/bootstrap.php.cache';

$kernel = new AppKernel($env, $debug);

$request = Request::createFromGlobals();
$response = $kernel->handle($request);
$kernel->terminate($request, $response);


This image can be improved in many ways, feel free to contribute ;)

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