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Lightweight docker images for svnserve daemon
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What is docker-svnserve?

docker-svnserve is a unofficial docker image for the svnserve daemon.


There are already a number of avaliable docker images for subversion and svnserve hosting. But most of them either are:

  • Too involved; Containers shouldn't be like aplications themselves with configuration in environment variables, etc. Instead, images should be extensible so other users can create their own images with customizations, based on yours.
  • Bloated; Based on heavy fat-container base images.
  • Don't handle signals properly, forcing docker to send SIGKILL to the process.

This image is based on Alpine linux for small footprint and uses Tini as a single-child init system to properly handle signals, reap zombies, etc.

How to use this image

The image is intented to run as a daemon; it exposed the default svnserve port (3690) and a single volume at /var/opt/svn which svnserve uses as it's root. A container based on this image could be created as:

docker run \
    --detatch \
    --name svnserve \
    --restart always \
    --expose 3690:3690/tcp \
    --volume /var/opt/svn:/var/opt/svn:rw \

With the above comand, svnserve will:

  • run in daemon mode
  • listen on the standard port on all host's interfaces
  • (re)start with the system
  • serve repositories from /var/opt/svn in the host's filesystem.


In order to create, manage and backup repositories, two approaches can be combined:

  1. Directly accessing the repositories on the filesystem. This should be enough for cold-bakups and user management depending on how you autenticate your users.
  2. By running your commands inside the container (using docker-exec). This allows access to svn adminstration tools
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