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Python for Everybody Toolbox for the University of Michigan Python for Everybody Specialisation
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Python for Everybody Toolbox

The python-for-everybody-toolbox repository makes it easy to create a Docker container for use during the Python for Everybody Specialization.

Download and install the Docker software for Apple Mac OS X, GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows following the instructions at the website.

Retrieve the python-for-everybody-toolbox build repository to create the container. Git, Python, SQLite, and SQLite Web are installed as part of the image.

$ git clone

For ease of instantiating an instance of the container image a script named '' can be used to manage the entire lifecycle. For Microsoft Windows users it is recommended that Git Bash be
installed instead of the standard Git software because it provides an *nix-like command line environment.

Create the container, optionally mapping a host file system share for storage. The file system share name '/home/me/projects' is user selectable and host file system dependent. If no local file system share is desired simply omit the fourth argument '/home/me/projects'. The container instance name 'toolbox', in these instructions, is user selectable at time of creation.

 $ ./ create toolbox gdhorne/python-for-everybody-toolbox 

Apple Mac OS X: /Users/username/directory
GNU/Linux: /home/username/directory
Microsoft Windows: /c/Users/directory (allegedly)

 $ ./ status

Verify the container 'toolbox' has been successfully created and is running.

$ ./ stop toolbox

Stop the container 'toolbox'.

$ ./ start toolbox

Start the container 'toolbox'.

To learn more about the container lifecycle management features supported by '' type,

$ ./ --help


After creating the container these applications are accessible within a web

Git:        Accessible via WeTTY

Python:        Accessible via WeTTY

SQLite Web:


            UserID: pythonista
            Password: python 

            To enable the terminal/console management utility 
            type 'screen' and press ENTER.

Alternatively, the python-for-everybody-toolbox image provides a traditional command line interface, without WeTTY, to some applications such as Git, Python, SQLite, and vim. For convenience the terminal/console management utility
'screen' has been installed and starts automatically.

$ ./ attach toolbox

Press ENTER if the container's shell prompt does not appear. To exit the container and leave it running press CTRL+P, CTRL+Q; this is the preferred method. To exit the container and stop it type 'exit'.

Start the SQLite Web database browser by accessing the command line via WeTTY as indicated above and typing,


Replace DATABASE_NAME with the name of an existing SQLite database (database.sqlite). Access the database browser as indicated above.

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