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docker with dependencies for running yesod scaffolded for postgres

must connect with a postgres database explicitly


docker build -t yesod-postgres .
docker run --name -d db gdoteof/d-postgres
docker run -t -i -v /path/to/scaffolded/app/on/host:/code --link db:db yesod-postgres /bin/bash -c "cd /code && yesod devel"

note, gdoteof/d-postgres comes with a super user docker with password docker and a database docker

optionally you can add another database

docker run -t -i --link db:db yesod-postgres /bin/bash

then, inside the docker

apt-get install -y postgresql-client-9.3

psql -U docker -h db --command "create database <db_name>"

additionally, you can extract a scaffolded app

sudo docker run -d --name yesod-postgres-scaffold yesod-postgres bash -c "tail -f < /dev/null"
sudo docker cp yesod-postgres-scaffold:/scratch/scaffold <path_on_host_for_scaffolded_app>
sudo docker stop yesod-postgres-scaffold
sudo docker rm yesod-postgres-scaffold
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