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Docker image with LAMP and Laravel installed, runs on PHP7
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Docker image with LAMP and Laravel installed. Linux compatible version of: geekineers/osx-lamp-laravel-php7

Mount your Laravel project host directory to /var/www/app:

docker run -d --name=my-dev-container -v <project directory on host machine>:/var/www/app -P -p <additional ports> -t -i geekineers/lamp-laravel-php7

Then you can attach to your newly made container:

docker exec -ti my-dev-container /bin/bash

and run composer install at app directory to initialize Laravel project:

cd /var/www/app
composer install

Access phpmyadmin via: http://localhost:<port>/phpmyadmin

If phpmyadmin have errors, look for the "Find out why." link and click on it, then click on the link: "Create a database named phpmyadmin and setup the phpMyAdmin configuration storage there."

Don't forget to adjust the diretory in /etc/apache2/sites-available/app.local.conf to point to your laravel project's public directory

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