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An SSH jumphost for your user.
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Re-work of warden/docker-jumphost which is an extended Docker image to run an SSH server.

Expected volumes:

  • publickeys:/keys


docker run --name ssh_server -d -e USER=`whoami` -v ~/.ssh/pubkeys:/keys geekinutah/ssh-jumphost


  • USER - username allowed to log in
  • ~/.ssh/pubkeys/ - path containing desired public keys

The modificaitons made to warden/docker-jumphost are specifically to accomodate attaching a single user to an alternative network namespace.
For example, let's say you are using ekristen/openvpn-client to isolate a VPN connection. You can then use this ssh server to provide a jumphost into that network namespace.

docker run --net container:openvpn -d -e USER=`whoami` -v ~/.ssh/pubkeys/:/keys geekinutah/ssh-jumphost
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