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Aerospike cluster node discovery with etcd

This project provides the tools to easily setup and use an Aerospike cluster with etcd.

This project contains two parts:

  • The aerospike-discovery command can run as a sidekick process to each Aerospike node in a cluster and tips the nodes about each other.
  • The asdisc package allows you to write a custom announcement/discovery with an Aerospike cluster.


aerospike-discovery can be ran as sidekick process to an Aerospike node and performs two tasks:

  • announce the local Aerospike node to etcd.
  • watch etcd for announcements and tip the local Aerospike node about new nodes in the cluster.

To install run: go get or use the docker container.


This repository is available as automatically built docker container image in docker hub as geertjohan/aerospike-discovery.

CoreOS example (systemd, flannel)

Example using CoreOS and cloud-config (setup an Aerospike instance with automated Aerospike cluster discovery).


The asdisc package provides a simple API to connect any application to an aerospike cluster.

An example application using the asdisc to discover and connect to an aerospike cluster can be found in the examples/clusterinfo folder.

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