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MeteorJS Docker image

This is a basic MeteorJS docker image with a provided docker-compose.yml as an example.

Example: Orion

To build an orionCMS project, one could have the following structure:

├── bin
│   └── meteor
├── docker
│   ├── docker-compose.yml
│   └── Dockerfile
└── src
    ├── app.css
    ├── app.html
    ├── app.js
        ├── .finished-upgraders
        ├── .gitignore
        ├── .id
        ├── packages
        ├── platforms
        ├── release
        └── versions

The bin/meteor would be a docker command for running meteor using this image:

docker-compose -f ../docker/docker-compose.yml run web meteor $*

You could strip the Dockerfile and move the docker-compose.yml into the root, this is just an example.

The src is essentially your app

Installing orion

./bin/meteor add orionjs:core etc


Please post an issue on the issuetracker!

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