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docker image for running linux tests for the perl webdriver bindings Selenium-Remote-Driver
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A Dockerfile to generate Linux recordings for the
Selenium Remote Driver perl Webdriver bindings. It does some sort
of the following:

  • downloads selenium standalone server jar
  • installs google chrome, firefox (iceweasel on debian), phantomjs
  • installs chromedriver
  • starts the selenium server with chromedriver & ghostdriver configured
  • executes the recording script to make new mocks

If you don't pass any arguments, it will run all of the tests, but you
can specify a particular test to run if you'd like:

$ docker pull gempesaw/docker-selenium-remote-driver
$ docker run --security-opt=seccomp=unconfined \
         -v /path/to/your/SRD:/opt/Selenium-Remote-Driver \
         -it --rm gempesaw/docker-selenium-remote-driver \
         t/convenience.t # specifying a test is optional

We use entrypoint, so to get a bash shell, you'd want to do

$ docker run --security-opt=seccomp=unconfined \
         -v /path/to/your/SRD:/opt/Selenium-Remote-Driver \
         --entrypoint=/bin/bash \
         -it --rm gempesaw/docker-selenium-remote-driver

That won't automatically start the selenium server, but you can see
how to do in this repo's

Due to some issues with Chrome that I don't understand, you must
provide a security option to docker run to get
google-chrome-stable to start in the container. link,
link, link, link. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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