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yubiserver for OTP
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Based on Alpine Linux Container


YubiServe is a lightweight Validation Server supporting both OATH/HOTP and Yubico Yubikey implementations, written in Python that uses an SQLite database or, optionally, a MySQL database.


  • It is an integrated web appliance to authenticate tokens. As already said, it supports both OATH/HOTP Tokens and Yubico Yubikeys.
  • Simple to use
  • Integrated web appliance, no Apache, Java, PHP, MySQL installation required
  • Threaded webserver for improved performances
  • Optional MySQL Server support added with version 3.0
  • HTTPS/SSL Support added with version 2.9
  • 100% compatible with Yubico validation protocol 2.0
  • HMAC SHA-1 signatures to authenticate the server response using your API Key
  • Delayed OTP checks (Yubico Yubikey only: OATH/HOTP protocol doesn't allow such check)

( From Yubico Yubiserve )

Source code used is on GitHub

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