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Dockerized GitLab using the official omnibus-gitlab release
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What is GitLab?

Version Control on your Server
like GitHub but Open Source

  • Git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds, wikis and continuous integration
  • 25,000 users on one server or a highly available active/active cluster, LDAP/AD group sync and audit logging
  • Community driven, 700+ contributors, inspect and modify the source, easy to integrate into your infrastructure
  • GitLab runs on your own servers, if you want to use it without installing, see our free service

How to use this image

We assume using a data volume container, this will simplify migrations and backups. This empty container will exist to persist as volumes the 3 directories used by GitLab, so remember not to delete it.

The directories on data container are:

  • /var/opt/gitlab for application data
  • /var/log/gitlab for logs
  • /etc/gitlab for configuration

Create the data container with:

sudo docker run --name gitlab_data --volume /var/opt/gitlab --volume /var/log/gitlab --volume /etc/gitlab genezys/gitlab:7.10.4 /bin/true

After creating this, run GitLab:

sudo docker run --detach --name gitlab_app --publish 8080:80 --publish 2222:22 --volumes-from gitlab_data genezys/gitlab:7.10.4

It might take a while before the docker container is responding to queries. You can follow the configuration process with docker logs -f gitlab_app.

You can then go to http://localhost:8080/ (or if you use boot2docker). You can login with username root and password 5iveL!fe. Next time, you can just use sudo docker start gitlab_app and sudo docker stop gitlab_app.

Using Docker Compose

You can download the docker-compose.yml file directly from the project repository. It will create a data container with the 3 volumes and an app container using the volumes of data.

To start the application using its default configuration, just run:

docker-compose up -d

How to configure GitLab

This container uses the official Omnibus GitLab distribution, so all configuration is done in the unique configuration file /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb.

To access GitLab configuration, you can start an interactive command line in a new container using the shared data volume container, you will be able to browse the 3 directories and use your favorite text editor:

docker run -ti -e TERM=linux --rm --volumes-from gitlab_data ubuntu
vi /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

Note that GitLab will reconfigure itself at each container start. You will need to restart the container to reconfigure your GitLab.

You can find all available options in Omnibus GitLab documentation.

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