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Gentoo Docker Images

A collection of Dockerfiles for generating Gentoo docker images.

These images are intended to be created automatically by
docker hub and include basic
stage3 images and an image usable as a /usr/portage volume.



  • portage
  • stage3
    • stage3-amd64
      • stage3-amd64-hardened
      • stage3-amd64-nomultilib


We'd love to hear any ideas. Feel free to contact us via any of the following


  • use topic branches (i.e. foo) and fix branches (i.e. fix/foo) when submitting
    pull requests
  • make meaningful commits ideally with the following form:
    • subject line–what this commit does
    • blank line
    • body–why this commit is necessary or desired
  • pull requests should not include merge commits
  • use amend and rebase to fix commits after a pull request has been submitted
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2 years ago

To start a Gentoo with Portage you can use the following commands.

docker create -v /usr/portage --name portage gentoo/portage
docker run --volumes-from portage --name gentoo -it gentoo/stage3-amd64 /bin/bash
3 years ago

@romster : My guess is that it's supposed to be used only as a volume by other gentoo containers. (a container can use a volume from another one).

3 years ago

Hi, how do I use this when there is no nano/vim or even emerge file? Is there a way to bootstrap this, so I can get emerge?