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Fork of the official docker-dd-agent from Datadog
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Datadog Agent for Kubernetes

This docker image is for launching the Datadog Agent into a Kubernetes cluster.

Datadog has an officially supported docker image that this is a fork of. The main issue this fork solves
is adding agent config files to the container through Kube Secrets. Datadog requires the files to be named with underscores, and currently
Kubernetes is still in progress for allowing secrets to be named with underscores.

This image follows the same convention as the base Datadog container image for configuration.
Mount all config files to /conf.d and /checks.d and the container will move the config files to the appropriate place for the agent to use.
The only difference is, instead of naming files with underscores http_check.yaml, you can name them with dashes http-check.yaml and the container
will rename them appropriately at runtime.


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