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Base docker image for PHP/Laravel apps.
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PHP (FPM) Laravel Base Image

Base docker image for Laravel applications. Extended from Debian Jessie and built to be
reasonably small by removing unnecessary system files. See the versioning below.

Why not PHP (alpine) base image?
The PHP image on Docker hub is larger and doesn't include extensions commonly needed by Laravel, which means you'll have to add them making the image even larger. The alpine image provided is an alternative, however at this time you can't install xdebug on Alpine linux and certain applications may run into issues with the alternative libraries it uses.

The goal with this image is to provide sensible defaults and extensions while keeping image size as small as possible.

latest tag currently runs 5.6

mcrypt pdo_mysql pdo_pgsql memcached xdebug


Extend this image in your Dockerfile and add your source code. The php-fpm process is set as the CMD default.

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