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etcd browser


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  • Implement missing features (TTL)

To build/run as a Docker container:

(adjust options as necessary - to run it as a daemon, remove "--rm", "-t", "-i" and add "-D")

cd <repository>
sudo docker build -t etcd-browser .
sudo docker run --rm --name etcd-browser -p --env ETCD_HOST= --env AUTH_PASS=doe -t -i etcd-browser


You can configure the builtin server using environment variables:

  • AUTH_USER: Username for http basic auth (skip to disable auth)
  • AUTH_PASS: Password for http basic auth
  • ETCD_HOST: IP of the etcd host the internal proxy should use []
  • ETCD_PORT: Port of the etcd daemon [4001]
  • SERVER_PORT: Port of builtin server
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