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LibreOffice in a Box. call it a LibreBox, or a BoxOffice... either is wrong.
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run this container with something like :

docker run -it –rm -p 5902:5901 -e USER=root –name Thing2 georgegeorgulasiv/foxinbox bash -c “vncserver :1 -geometry 1440x900 -depth 24 && tail -F /root/.vnc/*.log”

docker run -it –rm (the base of the docker run command)

-p 5902:5901 (maps HOST:CONTAINER port forwarding, should be VWXYZ:5901)

USER=root (login to the container's PID space as root, probably not great but saves on 'sudo's)

–name = Thing2 (names the container, totally optional. But show Dr. Seuss some love.)

georgegeorgulasiv/foxinbox (the image repository you are using with docker run)

bash -c “vncserver :1 -geometry 1440x900 -depth 24 && tail -F /root/.vnc/.log” (uses bash in the container to start the vnc server with screen dimensions of -geometry WIDTHxHEIGHT, etc., and logs the output to /root.vnc/.log

and it will prompt you for a VNC password to control then a confirmation of that password then ask you if you want to set a view-only password then ask if you said yes prompt you for the view password and then the confirmation of the view password

and VNC to DOCKERHOST:PORT and you're in business - LXDE with a fresh disposable Installation of LibreOffice.

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