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Minimalist emacs configuration

Nice little emacs setting up package management and
a couple of useful language modes.

Evil mode is activated by default!

Emacs Keys for Beginners

C-g means Control - g
S-g means Cmd - g on OSX

Shortcut Action
C-x d Open directory
C-x C-f Open or create file
C-SPC Switch buffers
C-g Cancel
S-g Grep in Project
S-o Search in Buffer
C-x C-b Show buffers
S-t New tab
C-x 0 Close current window
C-x 1 Close other window
C-x 2 Split window
C-c c Compile
C-c d Open doc in Dash

Go lang keys

Shortcut Action
C-c C-i Remove unused imports
C-c C-a Import new package
C-c C-d Show definition
C-c C-j Jump to definition
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