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Pyload Docker Container for ARMv7 (armhf) platform
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This Docker container makes easier to get an instance of Pyload up and running in ARMv7 (armhf) platform such as Raspberry 2, Utilite, Cubox-i, Odroid...

Base Image used armv7/armhf-archlinux, thanks to@umiddelb

Quick Start

The Pyload config directory is used to store all the configuration, I recommend mounting it as a host directory using the data volume

Please first copy the config folder on your desired path. This will setup the Web Interface users. (the first user is admin/admin). You can change the password later on using shh into the docker container with command python2 -u

Pyload will be run by daemon user. The first step is to make sure that daemon user is the owner of the config folder:

docker run -u root -v /host/data/pyload:/config gerardribas/armhf-pyload chown -R daemon /config

The container accepts another volume to be passed on /downloads which is the folder to place the downloads.

The container exposes the Web Interface Port on 8001 and the Remote Interface 7227.

Start Pyload Container:

docker run -v /host/data/pyload:/config -v /host/downloads:/downloads --name="pyload" -d -p 7227:7227 -p 8001:8001 gerardribas/armhf-pyload

Success. Your Pyload Server is now ready to be used! Well done!

Should be available on http://<your_domain>:8001

Issue tracker

Please raise an issue if you encounter any problems with this Dockerfile.

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