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Health Exporter for Prometheus


The health exporter won't be actively maintained anymore, since the official blackbox exporter solves the same use case - and even more.


Checks a list of service URLs for their HTTP response status code. Each service status will be exposed as Prometheus
metric, additionally an overall result will be exposed as health_overall.

The default config.json should give you an idea how to configure your services. You only need to define the
health check URL and optionally some labels you want to appear in your metrics. Please note that labels
declared for one service but not for another service, will have empty values.


$ docker run -d -p 9990:9990 -v `pwd`/config.json:/config.json gesellix/health-exporter -config.file=/config.json

By default the config.json is read from the current directory, but you can use another config
with the -config.file=... command line argument. The health-exporter listens on port 9990 by default
and exposes all metrics under the /metrics path. Use ./health-exporter --help to see all options.


The following example config would result in the metrics shown below.
The requestTimeoutMillis property defaults to 500 when missing:


  "requestTimeoutMillis": 500,
  "services": [
      "uri": "http://localhost:8080/health",
      "labels": {
        "name": "test",
        "stage": "dev",
        "foo": "bar"
      "uri": "http://localhost:8090/another/health",
      "labels": {
        "name": "another",
        "stage": "qa",
        "bar": "baz"


# HELP health_overall overall service availability
# TYPE health_overall gauge
health_overall 0
# HELP health_service service status summary
# TYPE health_service gauge
health_service{bar="",foo="bar",name="test",stage="dev",uri="http://localhost:8080/health"} 1
health_service{bar="baz",foo="",name="another",stage="qa",uri="http://localhost:8090/another/health"} 0
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