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Yet another blog system powered by Flask and MongoDB
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Welcome to OctBlog

OctBlog is powered by Flask and MongoDB, here are some instructions on how to run it.

How to run it ?

Install requirements

(sudo) pip install -r requirements.txt

Create/update datebase

MongoDB is flexible, migrating database is not necessary.

Run OctBlog

Run OctBlog with this command:

python runserver

Then you can visit the blog with url:

If you want to customize, checkout Flask-Script

Get started with OctBlog

1. Create a superuser to administrate OctBlog

Visit the following url and create a superuser

If the url is forbidden, you need to modify your configurations to allow the creation.

2. Administrate OctBlog

The admin home is:

You will be redirected to login page if you haven't logged in

3. Modify the default configurations

You either change settings in app/OctBlog/ file, or set the environment variables defined in this file.

Setting environment variables is recommended, and once the configuration is changed, you need to restart the service.

OctBlog settings

By default, OctBlog uses dev settings, prd is used in product environment. You can overwrite these settings or create your custom settings and switch to it.

How to switch settings

If you don't want to use the default settings, just set a settings environment vairable.

I usually set the environment vairable in bash with export command. For example, if I want to run OctBlog in product environment, I will switch to prd settings like this:

export config=prd

Deploy OctBlog

I recommend you to deploy OctBlog with Ubuntu + nginx + gunicorn.

Here is an instruction, and it is enough.

Deploying OctBlog with docker is another recommended option

What's more

If you find a bug or want to add a new feature, just issue me.

Want to contribute? Please fork OctBlog and pull request to me.

I'm not good at frontend development, so I used a free bootstrap blog theme. If you can redesign the blog theme and admin interface, I'll appriciate your work very much!

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