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This repository contains a Dockerfile complete with dummy configuration for installation of Frab (currently using the master branch and mysql as database).



Download the automated build from public Docker Hub Registry:

docker pull gglnx/frab

Alternative: Building from source

You can create your own build directly from the repository with docker build:

docker build -t="gglnx/frab"

Create shared folder

Create on the host machine a folder which will contain shared files like configuration, uploaded and generated files. This folder will be linked with container later.

mkdir ~/frab/

Add configuration

Add to the shared folder the .env configuration file. Use the included .env.template as a template and mysql as mysql host.

Run container

After initializing the shared folder and the configuration you can start the container with frab. Startup takes a few minutes to complete installations tasks (create and migrate database, precompile assets).

docker run -e PASSENGER_APP_ENV=production --name frab --link mariadb:mysql -v ~/frab/:/home/app/shared/ gglnx/frab
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