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Builds OpenDDS 3.11 for Android 7.0, API level 24.
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OpenDDS for Android

This image will download and cross-compile OpenDDS for Android using the following:

  • OpenDDS: 3.11
  • Android API Level: 24
  • Crystax NDK: 10.3.2
  • gcc-5


  • /home/<user>/tools/arm-tools - This is the directory on your host machine where you want the results of your OpenDDS build. This you change.
  • /home/developer/arm-tools - This is where your host volume maps to the container. Don't change this.
$ mkdir /home/<user>/tools/arm-tools
$ docker pull ggrobe/opendds-android:v3.11-api-24
$ docker run -v /home/<user>/tools/arm-tools:/home/developer/arm-tools  
    -it ggrobe/opendds-android:v3.11-api-24


  • When completed, libraries will be located under build/arm.
  • x86_64 only builds what's required to build for ARM.
  • Install step is not performed. From here, link against or use libs however you wish.
  • Java bindings not included.
  • --dns options will be required if not set.
  • Builds will end with compile error at the point of tests. Otherwise, all seems well. Just continue.


The details on how this image was built can be found here.

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