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Docker for Spring Boot

A Docker image to create Spring Boot based containers in a jiffy.

Although running Spring Boot executable jars under Docker is quite straightforward this image provides with some nice features:

  • Run from a light Java 8 image
  • Use a normal user instead of root
  • Use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random to fix startup issues
  • Add the executable jar as well as any configuration

Simple Image

Creating a derived image is a two step process:

  • Create a Dockerfile
  • Put the application


Create a minimal Dockerfile for instance:

FROM ggtools/spring-boot

Spring Boot Application directory

The base Dockerfile expects the executable jar to be named spring-boot-app.jar and to be located under the spring-boot-app/lib directory. The second step would be to create the directory and copy the executable jar into it.


In addition to the jar the image will also include any file located under the spring-boot-app/config directory. According to Spring Boot documentation on Externalized Configuration the configuration files located in this directory will take precedence over the configuration files in the application jar.


The default behavior can be customized using environment variables:

  • SB_APP_JAR to change the name of the application jar (default spring-boot-app.jar)
  • SB_ACTIVE_PROFILES to select the active profiles (default docker)


The image is distributed under the MIT license.

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