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Docker Container for Hashicorp's Vault
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Docker Vault

This Docker Vault container is using Alpine
minimal image and Hashicorp's

Configuration examples are stored under config/ in the git working directory.

Vault Server

Dev mode

Start vault server in a dev mode:

docker run -d \
      -p 8200:8200 \
      --name vault \
      giantswarm/docker-vault:0.1.0 \
      server -dev

Using Vault

To initialize Vault, on your workstation with vault installed, first we need
to export vault ip address. If you bootstrapped containers on your machine you
can use docker inspect -f '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' vault command
to get the vault container internal ip address.

# The address must start with protocol specifier!
export VAULT_ADDR='http://a.b.c.d:8200'

And refer to vault documentation
on how to initialize and unseal data store. In case if you are evaluating in
dev mode of vault server, the empty initialized and unsealed inmem
vault data store will be automatically created.

You can simply export the root token printed on vault server startup as export VAULT_TOKEN=PASTE_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE.

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